California Attorneys

for California Businesses

At Stone LLP, we have found that our business clients all want one thing: an efficient solution to their legal challenges. Whether this is achieved through mediation, arbitration, or litigation, our attorneys are prepared to find the best possible path to resolution. Our pragmatic, results-oriented approach means that our clients can focus on running their businesses while we focus on solving their legal challenges.

OUr Business is helping your business

Our firm has represented countless companies in defending and navigating California’s intricate legal framework in business, construction, real estate, and employment disputes. We guide our clients every step of the way and always look to find the most cost-effective resolution…whether its litigation, arbitration, or mediation.

At Stone LLP, our goal is to deliver:

Rapid Response

We react quickly. Time is a critical factor in business or employment-related legal disputes. We begin each representation by taking action to minimize disruption to your business operations and do all we can to maintain business continuity allowing you to stay focused on the bottom line.

Custom-crafted legal solutions

We are trained listeners. By listening and working to understand our clients’ goals and concerns, we are able to better understand their case-specific and business objectives. Armed with this information, Stone LLP’s attorneys develop a unique, results-oriented approach. Stone LLP offers practical, straightforward legal advice, ensuring our clients understand all of their legal options.

Reputation preservation

We respect privacy, confidentiality, and reputation. Stone LLP understands the risks and damage potential court cases routinely invite within our clients’ business or social communities. We address such concerns to safeguard our clients’ privacy and mitigate any potential reputational damage.

successful resolutions

We fight for success. At the end of the day, we understand our clients want results delivered efficiently, effectively, and professionally. That is always our goal at Stone LLP.

Why Choose us?

We are the first to admit that lawsuits are quite often the worst way to resolve a business dispute. But, sometimes there is no other option than to go to court. In court we work hard to achieve the quickest resolution to our client’s disputes while safeguarding, protecting and advocating for our
client’s rights and interests. As advocates of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration, our attorneys always work to find solutions that avoid litigation whenever possible.
Our goal is to deliver:
  • Custom-crafted legal solutions. Because we take the time to get to know our clients and fully understand their goals, we will develop a unique solutions-oriented approach to their matters so our clients can stay focused on the bottom line.
  • Pragmatic legal advice. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. Our clients trust us to offer sensible, straightforward advice that saves them time and money when facing legal challenges.
  • Results. At the end of the day, we understand our clients want results as quickly and as efficiently as possible. That is always our goal at Stone LLP.
Like most businesses, our clients don’t question the need of an attorney, what they question is their choice of attorney—and do so very seriously. Our clients have come to rely on our law firm’s track record in resolving difficult business disputes. Whether it is a business, construction, employment or real estate related problem or dispute, chances are we seen it many times before—and successfully litigated it to resolution

Helping others is our goal

Our team works hard to develop long-term, personal relationships with our clients. When our clients tell us about their experiences with our firm, we’re happy to share their comments so others can learn more about our firm and the people who bring it to life. We’re proud of our reputation!

"I was referred to Elliott by my brother. I was overwhelmed with my situation and was not sure as to which direction I should take. Elliott was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He not only understood the law aspects of my business, but also understood the common practices and activities required to run effectively. As such, he was able to effectively represent my interests. This is a "Major League" firms with intimate service. A++."

Etai, H.

"I’ve been an architect for over 32 years. I hired Elliott’s firm when I had to file a lawsuit to foreclose a mechanics lien I filed against a developer who didn’t pay me. I just found out Elliott won my trial in Los Angeles Superior Court. Elliott’s courtroom skills and mechanics lien expertise are truly amazing. The judge give him everything he asked for. I recommend Elliott to anyone needing a trial attorney on a mechanics lien matter."

Ronald A.