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Business owners who are currently involved in a legal dispute, including a cross-complaint or other third-party claim, should consider hiring a team of experienced Los Angeles business litigators to represent their case. The attorneys at Stone LLP are here to advocate for you in times of trouble.

What Can Our California Business Lawyers Do For You?

As trusted business advisors, we have probably seen, and resolved, every possible type of business dispute. We help our business clients resolve a variety of legal matters, including contract disputes, corporate governess disputes, corporate fraud disputes, partner and ownership disputes, breach of fiduciary duty disputes and business dissolutions, both voluntary and court-supervised involuntary dissolutions (we call these business divorces). Stone LLP has both the experience and track record in litigating a wide variety of business and commercial litigation matters.
Stone LLP represents business owners (including partners and shareholders) in a wide range of disputes including fraud claims, business ventures disputes, real estate disputes, and family businesses gone bad disputes. Stone LLP has successfully represented clients who have been victimized by dishonest business partners who were in control of the business as well as business owners who were wrongfully locked-out of the business by those in control.
In the context of defending employment-related lawsuits, Stone LLP’s lawyers often evaluate, investigate and pursue allegations of trade secret misappropriation from former high-level executives and employees with specialized skills. Because we understand the sensitive nature of trade secrets, our lawyers work diligently to address our clients’ trade secret concerns.

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It’s never a good idea to try to represent a business or yourself during a dispute without legal experience. Our experienced team of legal professionals and business law attorneys in LA County can help present the case in a clear and compelling manner.

What Are Common Occasions that Cause Business Litigation?

There are many common causes of business law disputes, which may include the following:

Breach of Contract

Any breach of contract in a business deal should be taken seriously. A breach of contract can occur when either party does not hold up their responsibilities and duties, as stated in the contract. A simple breach of contract issue can grow to become a larger dispute requiring litigation, which is best resolved with the help of a proven business litigator.


We have the experience necessary to bring and defend civil fraud claims in complex business cases. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in fraud claims relating to misrepresentations of fact, intentional and negligent omissions of fact, conversion and misappropriation of money and property.

Partner, Shareholder & Owner Disputes

We have extensive experience resolving business ownership disputes at the partner, shareholder and LLC member level in both court and in private arbitration. Often, these ownership disputes involve family members who are co-owners of real estate, limited liability companies, partnerships, or closely held corporations.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Our business litigation attorneys have experience litigating breach offiduciary duty claims which often arise in the context of business disputes with a company’s officers, directors and controlling shareholders or partners.

Business Dissolutions & Break Ups

Often times, the relationship between two or more business owners will sour over time. California law permits joint business owners to initiate either a voluntary or involuntary dissolution of the business.

Trade Secret Disputes

The stakes in trade secret litigation are ever skyrocketing. Stone LLP’s business trade secret attorneys have the experience to help our clients in both bringing and defending trade secret claims.