Labor & Employment Law

Types Of Employment Cases We Defend For California Companies

In California, companies must navigate a maze of state and federal employment laws when hiring and retaining workers. If an employee believes a law has been violated, they may bring a lawsuit against their employer that can have serious ramifications for the employer, even if the claims are unfounded. Employment law is broad and complex, particularly in California, and any company that hires workers—whether that be permanent, temporary, full-time, or contract—is likely to face a legal conflict at some point. California employers across the state appreciate the experience and record of success the labor and employment legal team at Stone LLP brings to every case.

Our attorneys listen to concerns, answer questions, and help clients determine their next move. Handling settlements, hearings, jury trials, and more, our attorneys interpret and translate the legal jargon and procedures to help employers obtain the best possible outcome after an employee files a lawsuit.

Labor & Employment Legal Issues Can Ruin A Business

California law is focused on advocating for employees, and without the right defense, employers are at risk of losing tens of millions of dollars in employment lawsuits. At Stone LLP, we take a pragmatic approach to defending employment lawsuits that keeps our clients focused on their bottom lines while we develop workable and fair solutions to protect their businesses.

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Types of Employment Legal Claims Faced by California Companies

In this era of endless government regulations and employee lawsuits, compliance with wage and hour laws is more important than ever. We at Stone LLP have defended employers against a variety of labor and employment claims and have successfully resolved the following types of lawsuits:

Wrongful Termination Claims

Even though California is an employment-at-will state, which permits a California employer to terminate an employee for any lawful reason, a California employer may not terminate an employee for an unlawful reason. Former employees often claim they were terminated for unlawful reasons.

Misclassification Claims

California employers are not permitted to pay their workers as independent contracts, and must be paid as W2 employees, unless the worker fits within a legal recognized exception. Former employees who were paid as 1099 independent contractors, when they should have been paid as W2 employees, are entitled to recover compensation damages from their former employer.

Wage and Overtime Claims

California employers are required to pay their employees for all time spent “on the job” which may be different than time spent “working.” Former employees often claim they were not paid all of the time spent “on the job.”

Discrimination Claims

California employers are not permitted to discriminate against its workers on the basis of disability, national origin, age, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or other legally recognized classes. Former employees often claim they were the victim of discrimination in the workplace.

Meal & Rest Break Claims

California employers are required to provide its employees with fully paid meal breaks and rest breaks. Former employees often claim they were not given paid meal break and paid rest breaks.

Harassment Claims

California law prohibits harassment in the workplace—this includes both sexual and non-sexual harassment. California employers are required by law to monitor the workplace to keep it free from harassment. Former employees often claim they have been the victim of harassment in the workplace.