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Solution-Focused Real Estate Lawyers Representing California Businesses in Legal Disputes in Los Angeles and Orange County

The right real estate investment, acquisition, or business provides for the opportunity to realize incredible returns. However, with the potential for making substantial profit comes the possibility of legal conflict. The average industry professional may not be aware of the many complications and regulations presented by the world of real estate. The legal team at Stone LLP can assist developers, construction companies, commercial real property owners, and other industry businesses with disputes that arise during any phase of development or ownership.

When your business is involved in a real estate dispute, having the right real estate lawyer to sort through the issues or litigate your case is essential. Some business owners make the mistake of believing that lawyers are not necessary for every dispute. Unfortunately, they often learn the hard way that significant financial losses hinge on every word of a deed or contract.

Choose Stone LLP to Resolve Your California Real Estate Disputes

Our firm is built to deliver the caliber, talent, and expertise of a large firm together with the compassion, dedication, and personal attention of a boutique firm. Our legal counsel is straightforward and has experience tailored to the specific industries of our clients. Developers, construction companies, commercial real property owners and other California businesses can schedule a consultation with our attorneys to discuss their real estate concerns by calling our office in Los Angeles at 818-854-3600 or our Orange County office on 949-477-9100. Learn how our firm can help today.

What Are Common Occasions that Cause Business Litigation?

When real estate transactions go bad or when complex real estate disputes arise, our Los Angeles and Orange County real estate attorneys are ready to respond. Our attorneys can represent your business at any point during the dispute, and help with negotiations, litigating a lawsuit, mediation, and arbitrations involving any of the following types of real estate disputes:

Real Estate Developer Disputes

When developing real estate, disputes may arise at any time for a number of reasons. If the business that hired a real estate developer begins causing delays or breaches a contract, the developer can be compensated for the time already spent working at the site, whether that be planning or actual construction. If any issues occur, contact our office immediately to limit your liability and discuss options.

Real Estate Fraud

When a developer or construction company is suspected of breaking California law, they may be charged with real estate fraud. Examples of fraud include faulty home renovations, home equity fraud, foreclosure bailout scams, recording of forged documents, and more. When accused of committing real estate fraud, businesses need the guidance of Stone LLP.

Title & Deed Disputes

A deed is a legal instrument (a written document) used to transfer the title or a portion thereof in real estate from one person or party to another. The title refers to the party’s legal ownership of the property. When the title is transferred during a sale, many disputes can occur. Companies involved in title or deed disputes should contact our office to discuss their next best steps in finding a solution.

Ownership Disputes

Real estate ownership disputes can be brought to light in numerous situations. Whether the dispute is between the current owner and the previous owner, or the family members of a different owner, an attorney who represents your rights needs to be on the case. From commercial office buildings to land ready to build, Stone LLP is prepared to help companies tangled in ownership disputes.

Commercial Evictions & Commercial Lease Disputes

When a business is being threatened with eviction from their office space, certain legal procedures must be followed. Without skilled legal representation, the business will not be aware of all of their rights and options in resolving the situation. Our firm has years of experience with commercial evictions and will protect our clients’ legal rights.

Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Fraudulent misrepresentation is when a lie or other falsehood is used to bring a business or other party into an agreement that ends up causing them harm or hurting their business in some way. When a business is victimized by such a scam, the situation can become very complicated, and they need an experienced Los Angeles real estate attorney.